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We are an independent Toy Store with a long and proud heritage here in Middletown, California!

We carry a diverse variety of toys, candy, and games, each of which is waiting to give you joy and put a smile on your face !

Stay a while and check us out, or visit us in store, Tuesday - Saturday 11am-6pm at 21037 Calistoga Rd. Middletown CA 95467









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Carla Terminesi
3 months ago

Hello Toy Buyer,

I am writing to introduce myself and NGD Kids to you and your company.

We are a Canadian Distribution Company specializing in infants and children products. We have some wonderful products that we would love to share with you and sincerely hope that would be interested. We currently work with companies across Canada, United States and International markets.

Our Number 1 selling product are our Hopper Town Hoppers. Within the town you can find a range of Farm Hoppers, Wildlife Hoppers, Fantasy Hoppers, Holiday Hoppers and the New Monster Hoppers.

Hopper Town are fun, whimsical, brightly coloured animals and monsters with soft grip-able ears for children to hold onto while they bounce around. These delightful bouncers are made from a high-quality BPA- free PVC that help develop core muscles and coordination. These products can be used both indoors and out and come complete with a safe valve, needle and pump in an attractive box. They have been amazing sellers throughout Canada, the USA and most recently in the International Marketplace. Farm Hoppers have previously been awarded the Mom’s Choice Award, Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, Tillywig Toy Award and the Creative Child – Top Toy of the Year for 2022!
I kindly ask that your review the catalog and consider them for your store as we would love to do business with you.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns. I look forwarded to building a long and lasting business relationship with you!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Warmest Regards,

Thank you.
Have a wonderful day!

Carla Terminesi
Tel: 416-849-2279
Toll Free: 866-320-5585 x 6
Fax: 416.840.0157

Ken Lazzaro Sr
10 months ago

This is an amazing store. When you go in your first thought might be, “it’s small”, “how can they possibly have what I’m looking for”. Well guess what, every time I travel to Hidden Valley Lake, to get away from my home in Colorado, I make sure to stop and shop at Funtopia in Middletown California. Not only do they have hundreds of toys and games to choose from, but many are so unique that you can’t find anywhere else. There’s plenty of stuff to choose from for my teen Grandchildren to their parents. If you want to have an experience that you’ve never had before, then chat with Andy AKA (A.J), the owner, he’s sure to put a smile on your face. His passion and excitement for his store is contagious. You’re sure to at leave with at a smile on your face.

10 months ago

Oh, it's Funtopia commenting about ourselves because someone had to test this feature! I mean we might be a little biased buuuut THIS IS THE BEST FREAKING STORE AND THE FUNNEST PLACE TO BE OMG! (p.s. our owner doesn't know we posted this so keep this on the down low or whatever the humans say!)